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My latest works ^-^

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Casting Rain -- Ch 46
    As much as Grillby had enjoyed being in camp, it was good to be walking again. To know he was going somewhere that he could be useful. But that was probably his purpose talking. Still, the cool air was nice. It put a brittle sting in Grillby’s core, gave him the excuse to burn a little hotter and brighter than he normally would. It was invigorating in a way, and any monsters that walked nearby him hardly complained about the extra heat. In fact, it just seemed to make Amathea huddle a step or two closer to him - apparently she wasn’t too fond of the chill that came from the deepening autumn. Gaster could hardly care. He only felt the chill on the coldest mornings.
    It had taken them hours to get ready to move out - getting so many troops mobile was always a hassle, and this army was no exception. It was the largest by far than any Grillby had ever worked with, and Amathea was already telling them they would be meeting mo
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Josephina/Goner Kid
Oh poor Goner Kid waited so long to me draw them. All the followers has been ready almost half a year. I'm so sorry! X'D

AU related stuff down here:
So, meet Josephina, my version of goner kid in my AU. She works in the CORE as a messenger as there is not really phones yet in there. Only few. So they have quick footed young monster to send the notes to different parts of the facility and making sure workers and scientists' communications works. :3 She is maybe too young to work in there, but let's just say that Callan does not follow rules that strictly when someone needs a job. 

Even that delivering letters is her main job, she is still really clever and mature for her age. Sharing big family and siblings can do that. And, she is really interested in science and machine engineering, so she likes to learn from other scientists of their work and some of them are more than happy to share their knowledge or sharing their scares numbered science books, so in time, she would have certainly worked more than as a messenger girl. But you know...things happen.

Her main magic color is purple, but she mostly knows how to do bullets with karma effect besides regular ones. But with some rehearsal, it is possible to learn how to do lasso. That would be cool and helping to move things. :3 And even without arms, she is really agile and fast. 

As for the goner part, she is most coherent of the followers bunch. You can actually talk to her and she is able to answer you with calm mind. She is the most talkative and usually she tells what others want. She really doesn't attack, others do that and she can easily call them to her if the situation needs it. But even she is not really there in the head, especially if the others are around her. As she works almost as transmitter for others, their thoughts can make her loose that small sanity what is left. 

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox
Design for me.
Made with traditional media, A5 paper. 
Hey guys! I was on little hiatus because run out of steam do anything. But I think I'm having my energy slowly back. :3

But the reason for this, I was able start finishing two drawings and now, I would like your opinion, which I finish first. So... Do you want...
1:My AU related drawing
2: Shipping themed short comic

I'm going for a walk now and when I come back in few hours, I check which one has gotten more votes. ^^
Thank you guys again for being so supportive. Have an awesome day!! :D
Soup delivery!
I made a matching birthday card for my father! This time cute little seal delivering soup for the poor of the kingdom! (Moomin reference, points for anyone can tell me which episode. X'D)
But cute seal is cute so I hope it also makes you smile. ^^

(ps. My gods was I tired when putting this up. I spelled soup as soap X'D Took me a while to notice.)

Done with traditional media
Adventures of tiny Gaster
I have not been really active lately so here, take this random page with kid Gasters. I have been saving this for situations like this.
I have been adding these different pictures now and then so that is why there is drawings over each other. And hey, that is my first Flowey I have drawn!

And for those who have time to read, I apologize my lack of material for these week and commenting in general. I just haven't have any energy. I have not feeling sad thankfully but just don't have any motivation to do things. I have started works but I haven't been able to finish any of them. -_-' So again, sorry about that. 

Undertale belong to Toby Fox
Thank you everybody
"People who rely on other people to make them feel better about themselves. Like those people who are really insecure and so they need constant praising, constant approval and validation to feel better about themselves so they don't just sit around being sad all the time"
Animated James summed it really perfectly that I have a problem X'D And maybe I should do something about it but until now, I can't thank you guys enough for being my supportive structure so I actually try to do something creative.

My little art has now 100 (+2^^) watchers and that alone is something that I still can't believe. But the most amazing thing is, how much more I have been able to draw and do, thanks to all you supportive people. Watch alone is always amazing to me, and those who have commented and supported me in other ways, I'm so thankful. Your nice and heart warming comments and faves, always courage me to keep drawing and trying new things. Thank you, thank you so much :hug:2 rvmp 

So as for 100 watcher thank you pic, I made this. I tried my best to collect couraging words from all of my watchers. You brighten up my heart. And I was able to use calligraphy skills from my grade school and my new violet ink pen. And well, that is practically how and where I usually draw. On my bed, watching YouTube videos with my stuffed seal. ^^

(ps: Sorry for being little quiet this week. I just have lacked all the energy do anything. At least I have been able to draw but still. But I'm going to finally answer and comment tomorrow. :3
No one knows...Sweating a little... 

So as some have noticed, I am just spaming these Undertale related works and I have no idea how long this hype is going to last. But I'm going to have fun with it now and unfortunately, all around me have to try tolerate it. XD It's nice to have something to be really invested in and I just love to draw them. But don't be alarmed. I come to my senses some day but until then, stay determined. ;)

And also for all my watchers, thank you for giving me more self confidence for my artwork. Just that you hit that watch button meant and still means lot to me.Hug 


GamerSelkie's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hey there! I'm GamerSelkie, person who has no idea what to do with her life. So drawing, writing and video games, are the thing, how I feel I'm not totally wasting my time on this planet and actually do something concrete. Even if it is not that amazing. :3

I love history, scifi and fantasy and I'm always keeping my ears open for learning new things about the world. And seals! I love seals so much ^///^

If you want to talk or have some questions, don't be afraid to ask. I may be little awkward sometimes and most of my jokes a terrible but beside that, I'm quite nice person. And I never, mean to offend anyone so if I do, please let me know.


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Thanks for joining our group!^^
GamerSelkie Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My pleasure  ^^
I hope you and the group likes my drawings. My AU follows and uses canon material pretty much, but, *shrug* maybe there is some good in it. :3
Lilienwald Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2017
We can make a folder for your AU if you want^^
GamerSelkie Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh god please no X'D
Thank you so much for asking. I'm honored you by just you asking that but honestly, I don't even have name for my AU. ^^'
And as I work with traditional media, comic format would take too long and my English lacks too much, that I could actually post my stories about that, (unless I force my little sister for doing that. Not good idea) so I mostly post just pictures which are helping material for me for writing and just sharing my ideas. So actually making a folder for stuff, which in the end won't really go anywhere, feels little pointless. 

But as I said. Thank you still so much for asking. :3
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No problem. I love ink and how smoothly you used it in that work, is really beautiful. ^^
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I'm really glad to hear such sweet words, thank you again ^^
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hey. need a little help here. it's not huge but can you chose names from this?…

right now, one of the names has over three ties and I can't chose a name myself :S
it will help me a lot if you can help me with this
GamerSelkie Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I got it. Sorry it took so long Sweating a little... 
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